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    Alvin Neo Client Adviser

Having witnessed how improper wealth advice can have a long-term adverse impact on a person’s life, that sets Alvin on a mission to uncover the best wealth planning practices. On his journey, he found Providend, a firm that is a strong advocate of providing quality, conflict-free advice.

Alvin first joined the industry in 2016 as an Insurance Planner under the DIYInsurance unit of Providend. This was where he gained valuable knowledge in navigating the complexities of insurance planning and build up his expertise in assisting families with their unique needs and aspirations.  DIYInsurance underwent a joint venture with NTUC Enterprise Co-operative Limited to form MoneyOwl in 2018.

In between 2018 to 2022, Alvin was part of the pioneering team of MoneyOwl, an NTUC Social Enterprise startup that aspires to deliver quality wealth advice to the man on the street. During his stint there, he helped to establish the wealth advisory processes and service standards for the advisory team.

Prior to joining the industry in 2016, Alvin was running his own F&B business. The experience of meeting people from different walks of life help to shape Alvin’s interest in meeting new people and building long-term genuine relationships.

Alvin believes in simplifying complex wealth planning jargons and concepts into bite-sized information for his clients so they can take confident steps in implementing their wealth plan. He attends regular trainings to keep abreast of the latest financial matters so as to provide his clients with the most relevant and updated advice.

Must-have food in my life

It will be Chinese Tze Char (煮炒). My mouth is watering just thinking of what dishes I will order for this meal.

Superpower I wish I could have

The ability to stop time so I have time to finish reading all the books and watching all the shows I want to watch!

A language I wish to master

Italian. I have Italian relatives and it would be nice to use words instead of hand gestures to communicate.

My exercise regime

I currently attend BFT program, a group training program that does different exercises every day.

Favourite place I wish to live in

Probably Australia. Enjoy the nature and diverse food choices!

Thing that makes me laugh the most

The Sitcom Friends. I have watched it multiple times but still find it to be very funny.

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