Seth Wee Junyi

Client Adviser

  • Seth Wee Junyi
    Seth Wee Junyi Client Adviser

Seth started his financial planning and wealth advisory journey back in 2009 when he was recruited by an insurance agency.

Unsatisfied with the lacklustre product range, conflict of interests, and focus on sales over proper advisory, he left after a year to join an Independent Financial Adviser (IFA) firm in hope to provide better, more holistic wealth advice to his clients.

However, the problem on conflict of interests persisted due to the compensation structure and providing good advice for his clients often meant little to no commissions. A far cry from his earnings as an insurance agent, Seth struggled to make a proper income.

Having joined Providend in 2022, Seth found it possible to finally provide comprehensive wealth advice that benefits his clients in a sustainable and conflict-free manner. This includes addressing areas of concern in his clients’ financial portfolios typically overlooked by a commission-driven model and providing advice beyond a focus on product sales.

Outside of work, Seth enjoys creating personal finance content on his website and YouTube channel. As a personal finance enthusiast, he has also been invited to share his professional insights in interviews with media channels such as Mediacorp Channel 8, Money FM 89.3 and Lianhe Zaobao.

Superpower I wish I could have

Communicating with animals would be very high on my list. I’ve always felt that animals can’t really tell us exactly how they feel, and such a power could bridge that communication gap. Besides I really want to know what my cat thinks of me.

My exercise regime

I try to head to the gym twice a week to lift weights to build some muscle. Once every one to two weeks I also go for an outdoor run to keep the heart pumping. In my mind, running is like a vaccine; it gives my heart mini heart attacks so it knows how to deal with a big one.

Luckiest thing that has happened to me

I think I was lucky to manage to find interest in my work and jobs. This lets me dedicate time and effort to work without feeling too burnt out. Work is a large part of our lives and finding things I like to do is a very fortunate thing indeed.

Advice for my younger self

Keep trying until you find something that works, and then keep going at it. Things would eventually work out and you can then look at the past failures more fondly.

Proudest accomplishment

I am very happy to have built an audience online who would pay attention to my advice and recommendations.

Thing that makes me laugh the most

It’s probably a tie between stand up comedy and funny cat videos.

Client’s Review

  • Despite being turned down as a client with Providend. My Client Adviser (Seth Wee) was very professional and went out of his way to provide advice to me and talked me through the logic of the policies and his professional opinion. What was spectacular is that he was unbiased and gave an impartial view on the different policies by different companies. He also provided resources that will be helpful in my planning. Thank you Providend!

    C. Chan

Media Highlights

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MONEY FM 89.3 • 15th September 2023


Lianhe Zaobao • 19th July 2023


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Capital FM 95.8 • 12th April 2023


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