COVID-19 Response: Telecommuting

With effect from 17th May 2021

Dear Visitor,

In response to the COVID-19 situation in Singapore, we would like to inform you that Providend has started telecommuting with effect from 17th May 2021. We have decided to activate our Business Continuity Plans and to have all our employees work from home as part of our social responsibility to a larger community.

If you are looking for professional advice with regards to your wealth plan and/or investment portfolio during this period, feel free to reach out to us at Our advisers will be in touch with you shortly.

To ensure the safety of everyone, virtual meetings are highly encouraged although our advisers would still accept face-to-face meetings under special circumstances. In line with the government’s safety regulations, face-to-face meetings would be limited to only 1 client per meeting in line with the government’s safety regulations and best practices for social distancing would also be enforced to ensure that we conduct these face-to-face meetings in a safe environment.

This arrangement will be reviewed on a monthly basis and we will continue to update this site when further arrangements are put in place.

Last but not least, we want you to know that we are standing alongside you in this financial journey to achieve all that matters to you and we strive to be the voice of calm and rationality in this challenging environment.

Let’s all stay safe and healthy as we navigate this uncharted waters together.

Christopher Tan

CEO, Providend

Ethics-First Wealth Advisory,
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If you would like an honest second opinion on your current investment portfolio, financial outlook or retirement plan, make an appointment with us today. There will be no fees charged at the first meeting.

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