At Providend, we believe that successful investing is about having sufficient returns to meet life goals.

Successful investing is not about winning competitions where the odds are against us.

Our Key

  • Christopher Tan
    Christopher Tan Chief Executive Officer
  • Evelyn Goh
    Evelyn Goh Deputy CEO & Chief Advisory Officer
  • Moon Shary
    Moon Shary Chief Operating Officer & Executive Director
  • Peng Chen
    Peng Chen Senior Advisor & Director
  • Vincent Tey
    Vincent Tey Executive Director & Head of Advisory Team
  • Cheng Chye Hsern
    Cheng Chye Hsern Head of Investment Team
  • Lee Kang Hui
    Lee Kang Hui Head of Finance & People
  • Jacqueline Teo
    Jacqueline Teo Head of Legal & Compliance
  • Jerome Song
    Jerome Song Associate Director, Business Exit
  • Lilian Teh
    Lilian Teh Deputy Head of Operations
  • Nataly Ong
    Nataly Ong Deputy Head of Brand Experience
  • Pang Zheng Rong
    Pang Zheng Rong Deputy Head of Group Technology

We believe in giving time-tested, prudent and holistic wealth solutions, even if it means being different.


  • Loh Mei Kuen
    Loh Mei Kuen Director of Advisory Team
  • Eleanor Ng
    Eleanor Ng Associate Director of Advisory Team
  • Lee Chee Kian
    Lee Chee Kian Senior Client Adviser
  • Max Keeling
    Max Keeling Associate Director of Advisory Team
  • Loh Yong Cheng
    Loh Yong Cheng Lead of Advisory Team
  • Tan Chin Yu
    Tan Chin Yu Lead of Advisory Team
  • Ray Zheng
    Ray Zheng Client Adviser
  • Seth Wee Junyi
    Seth Wee Junyi Client Adviser
  • Toh Zhi Han
    Toh Zhi Han Client Adviser
  • Alvin Neo
    Alvin Neo Client Adviser
  • Annette Lee
    Annette Lee Client Adviser
  • Joyce Chng
    Joyce Chng Client Adviser
  • Isaac Ong
    Isaac Ong Client Adviser

We Are Here to Help.

We offer free-of-charge first consultation meeting.

If you would like an honest second opinion on your current investment portfolio, financial and/or retirement plan, make an appointment with us today.

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