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Evidence-based Investing
for the long-term

Our clients are primarily family stewards whose dominant focus is to take care of their families. When they come to us, they want us to help them reach their non-negotiable life events (such as retirement) without compromising their shorter-term life goals (such as taking a one-year sabbatical to pursue a worthwhile cause with a non-profit organisation).

Therefore, they are not looking to maximise their investment returns but rather the reliability and sufficiency of the returns to meet their needs. To achieve that, the better approach would surely be based on evidence rather than trying to outguess the market.

Decades of data tells us that market timing is a futile attempt and as a result, investors suffer from a poor investment experience and do not get the returns they deserve. Instead, we prefer to invest your money based on decades of academic research, Nobel Prize winning thinking that span across time and markets. In short, evidence-based investing.

Some may ask, “Why should I pay Providend a higher fee if they’re investing in the same funds as the robos or if I can simply DIY with an online brokerage?”

Here’s why.

We know that the money you entrust to us is hard-earned and we are committed to managing it responsibly. Our advisers are with you at every step to ensure you have a successful investment experience.


Getting You Through This Difficult Time

Investing in this period filled with uncertainties does not need to be stressful. Have a read through our e-book to know how you can stay confident while investing.


Active Investing That Adds Value to the Client

Our Pursuit of the Perfect Portfolio for Long-Term Investors

Saving vs Investing – Is There a Clear Winner?

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