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Insure for Protection,
not for Gains.

You may have been told that you can use your insurance for protection as well as savings towards your financial goals. However it is unlikely that the returns on saving or whole life insurance are unlikely to help you reach your goals. Besides, whole life plans as well as investment-linked policies are expensive and do not adequately protect you. Buying them fulfils neither comprehensive protection or achieving financial goals.

We understand that all of us have limited resources. We plan your insurance needs only as a part of your whole financial plan toward achieving your life goal.

At Providend, we believe that product recommendations must be based on our clients’ needs and not commissions. If your insurance needs are relatively complicated and you need professional advice, rest assured that our recommendations are aimed at achieving the best possible coverage at the lowest possible premiums to cover you, your partner, and your little ones.

We can show you how to use the “savings” – the additional amount which you would have spent if you had bought a whole life policy- to invest and work towards reaching your financial goals. With this approach, you now have a real chance of attaining the twin goals of adequate cover and achieving your long-term financial objective.


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Policies Part I

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