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New! 3rd Edition

Leave a Legacy,
Not a Loss.

Taking you through the concerns surrounding estate planning in a manner that is easy to grasp and understand. It will act as a companion along your estate planning journey, especially in this challenging times of COVID-19.


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In this issue:

  • Assets That Can’t Be Distributed via a Will
  • Financial Lessons From The Garden
  • A Journey To Personal Well-Being
    & more

In this issue:

  • Wrongly Incarcerated Singer Delivers Unforgettable Song
  • How The Rate Of Return Is Driven By Your Goals
  • Client’s Journey To Adviser
  • CPF Nomination Can Now Be Made Online

In this issue:

  • What Providend Has Achieved In 19 Years
  • New Critical Illness Standardisation (2019) and Its Implications
  • Providend’s Paradigm Shift In Times of Pandemic

In this issue:

  • From Our Family To Yours
  • Demystifying Universal Life Policies
  • Curveballs And Rainbows – My Silver Lining of 2020
  • Appointment Of Dr Peng Chen As Senior Advisor To Providend
  • Topping Up Your SRS Account To Enjoy Tax Relief


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