Lilian Teh

Deputy Head of Operations

  • Lilian Teh
    Lilian Teh Deputy Head of Operations

Lilian believes the importance of having quality relationships regardless at work or with family, as a healthy relationship enhances a sense of belonging and value. Especially at work, it increases productivity, reduces conflict, and makes work more enjoyable.

With an interest in financial planning, Lilian joined Providend as part of the client service team back in 2015 and supports the advisers with the implementation of clients’ wealth plans and handling clients’ enquiries.

Lilian attained her Degree in Finance and Investment from Sheffield Hallam University and attended an exchange program for the last semester in Sheffield, UK. She was a relationship manager for 4 years before joining Providend.

My exercise regime

Stretch and tone

Must-have food in my life

Korean instant noodles with egg

A language I wish to master

Korean so that I can watch Korean dramas without reading the subtitles

Superpower I wish I could have

To go back in time so that my husband can witness the birth of both of our children (travel restriction was implemented) and so that I can spend more time with my parents, especially my dad

Proudest mother moment

My 2-year-old son brought me a packet of ketchup after he returned home from a dinner with my friend. He is such a lovely and heartwarming boy, despite it being just a packet of ketchup

Advice for my younger self

Stay home more and spend more time with my lovely parents. It is never too late

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