Making Full Use of Your Fortune

You have inherited a portion of your family’s wealth. You feel responsible to ensure that it is being used correctly, but you are not sure where to start.

You are unsure whether to hold or liquidate the inherited assets or securities. You also have to re-assess your savings plan and see how you can integrate the inheritance into your future investment strategy. The huge decisions that you have to take on are causing you stress, and you need an objective input on how to move forward.



A Financial Triage

A financial triage is the action of assigning priority to projects based on where funds and other resources can be best used, are most needed, or are most likely to achieve success.

We understand that managing a transfer of assets at a time of bereavement is difficult emotionally, and that can be further amplified if a beneficiary has never received an inheritance before or been well-informed about the process beforehand.

Having worked with beneficiaries for nearly two decades, we found out that inheriting a large sum of money unexpectedly can put the inheritor in a difficult and stressful situation. It can potentially hinder one’s decision-making ability because our cognitive functions tend to decline under stressful situations. As a result, many people may behave inconsistently, overreact or focus on narrow concerns.

Although it can be difficult, reaching out for professional guidance can help dispel some of the stress and loneliness that surrounds the financial challenges you may be facing.


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Pre-Planning Your Legacy
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Are You a Beneficiary of an Unexpected
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The Heart of the Matter is
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