The Case For Term Insurance

Since 2003, we have been advocating the use of term insurances. While many Singaporeans appreciated our beliefs, the insurance and financial planning industry fought it. We stood out like a sore [...]


The Confession of a Financial Adviser

“If you buy insurance products like a whole life plan, you’re paying to be served a plate of garbage that in fact if you eat, you’ll have financial poisoning”. This is what CNBC personal finance [...]


Insurance for Newborns

Finally, your baby has arrived. After nine months of anxious waiting, the climax at the delivery ward is awesome, especially for first-time parents. Before long from basking in your bundle of [...]


Can You Still Trust Wealth Management?

As wealth managers, are we still taking time to truly understand clients’ needs? Whatever happened to the consideration to recommend what is best for clients’ profitability? Where is that fiduciary [...]