Bryan Reginald Chan, AWP

Client Adviser

  • Bryan Reginald Chan, AWP
    Bryan Reginald Chan, AWP Client Adviser

Bryan believes that wealth planning is about allocating your resources in a way that reflects what you truly care about; and that open, honest, lifelong conversations are the key to meaningful wealth advisory relationships.

Bryan holds a bachelor’s degree in economics with a second major in psychology, and a master’s degree in professional counselling. He supports professionals, executives and business owners in crafting and living out wealth plans that are true expressions of their values.

It was while working with counselling clients that it became clear to him that many major stresses in life have a link to money, and how comprehensive wealth plans can be powerful tools that help people to achieve their retirement dreams, as well as deal with the financial implications of medical crises, cashflow and liquidity issues, and family conflicts resulting from a lack of adequate estate planning.

He is passionate about giving his clients assurance and a sense of security by using high confidence solutions to build, grow and protect their wealth – empowering them to make better financial decisions and worry less, so that they can live their fullest life.

Prior to joining Providend in 2019 as an Associate Adviser, Bryan worked as an Operations Executive in SMEs while still a postgraduate student.

When he is not hard at work making a difference to his clients, he can be found reading, writing, sailing, or forest bathing.

Favourite restaurant

Mad for Garlic! …mainly because I am mad about garlic. It has got to be the best ingredient there is.

Must-have food in my life

If I really could not have a balanced meal, I would go with burrata or cod.

Favourite sport

Sailing! Gets the mind working and the heart pumping. Also, (cliche alert!) there is nothing like the feeling of being out at sea.

Luckiest thing that has happened to me

Being born when and where I was. I think I can count being born in Singapore, in the 90s, to my parents, as an amazing stroke of luck.

A language I wish to master

Teochew. I wish I knew my own dialect much better. (It would also be useful for impressing my fiancée’s Ah Ma)

Favourite travel destination

Probably Bintan. Some of my best holiday memories involve my parents, my five siblings and a small villa we used to rent every year.

Media Highlight

It Is More Than “Buy Term, Invest the Rest”. Why?

The Financial Coconut • 2nd June 2021



Lianhe Zaobao • 24th November 2021

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