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“Having money provides possibilities for a better quality of life. On the other hand, the lack of it creates limitations that can sometimes break families.” Extracted from Providend’s purpose statement, this is a quote that resonates deeply with Eleanor.

Being born in a big family where they are asset rich but cash poor, needs were aplenty but there was only this much to go around. As a result, Eleanor grew up to be quite a nifty saver and sound financial planning quickly became a core tenet of her life.

Eleanor brings with her more than 2 decades of experience in the wealth management industry with a specialisation in retirement and investment planning. She is passionate in helping her clients thrive where money and life intersect. She firmly believes that a thriving life has to do with more than money and it all starts with making a decision on your life goals.

Professionally, Eleanor is a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) licensee and a member of the Financial Planning Association of Singapore (FPAS). She received her Masters of Quality Management Degree from the University of Wollongong, Australia.

Outside of work, she is a mother of two, an outdoor enthusiast and also a home cook with the sensibility of an expert nutritionist. Also, just in case you are wondering, she has 13 siblings altogether – enough to form a rugby league!

Food I love making

Five-spice pork rolls wrapped in beancurd skin aka Ngoh Hiang

Most memorable outdoor activity

Doing an ultra-hike of 100km in 30 hrs across scenic terrains in New Zealand (add which part of NZ and for Oxfam)

Favourite restaurant/stall

Zhong Guo La Mian Xiao Long Bao 中国拉面小笼包 at Chinatown Food Center along Smith Street. I can down a plate of 10 Xiao Long Baos all by myself

My healthcare regime

I exercise 5 days a week and 1.5hrs on average per day

Advice for my younger self

Read more. Have an opinion.

Philanthropic contribution

Providing sponsorship support to 2 boys and their family through World Vision International. The boys are aged 8 and 14. One from Israel and another from Nepal.

Clients’ Reviews

  • The first time I encountered Providend was hearing their CEO Christopher present Providend’s approach to insurance and investment. It opened my eyes to wealth management— until then, I had been running between different insurers and exploring banks to get educated on better managing our finances as a family.

    They were the first fee-only insurers that I felt I could trust. We felt that they listened and placed our needs above product-pushing, patiently guided us through a meticulous process of fact finding and collating our insurance data as a family (which we dreaded doing on our own!) and above all, empowered us with knowledge on the choices we could make.

    The annual reviews with our advisor Eleanor gives us clarity on our financial decisions for the new year ahead. Being Providend clients have possibly been the best decision we’ve made as a family.

    C. Seet
  • Prior to knowing about Providend, I have little success in my investments with other banking institutions especially with their upfront 3% charge. I am grateful to my FA Eleanor Ng who introduced me to Providend. I like their fees structure, such as, no charge for portfolio rebalancing which is amazing.

    Eleanor encouraged me to attend the various client events to keep me updated on various topic ranging from retirement planning to properties. She even took care of my insurance needs. I have been receiving regular Passive Income surpassing my expectations. I will not hesitate to introduce Eleanor to my friends, her personalised and prompt support is a huge plus.

    SH Chen
  • I have been with Providend for my financial planning needs for almost 10 years. Through the sound and sensible guidance and help of my FA Eleanor Ng, I can definitely say that my financial needs and goals have been well met. Having returns on investments which are meeting retirement needs doesn't hurt too.

    N. KOH
  • I invested most of my saving with Providend. They helped me do a very thorough financial planning for my retirement and insurance need. And the plan is reviewed yearly to ensure that even with the fluctuating market return, my retirement goal can still be met.

    Putting my saving with Providend allows me to focus on my work and my family life and not to worry too much about losing my saving even with a market downturn. And by staying invested for long term, the reward is good.

    VM HO
  • My advisor, Eleanor, is patient and clear... She has taken on the onerous task of educating me so that I understand the Providend philosophy towards retirement planning.

    She has invested time to build a relationship with me and I trust that Providend will act in my best interests rather than be conflicted by commissions offered by funds.

    J. FONG
  • In 2003, I trusted Providend with my family’s financial planning when my 2 kids were 5 and 7. It covered my children’s education fund, comprehensive insurance plans, retirement, wealth accumulation and distribution. 15-years has passed and I have no worries about my financial commitments. Today, Providend still continues to look after a bulk of my family’s financial matters...

    Over the years, I have also invested in other products provided by other financial institutions. However, I got stuck with them without a proper comprehensive review and planning. It was the consequence of being under a commission based scheme.

    Given my experience with both, I give a to Providend that they believe in “a family servicing families financial planning and advices” in a comprehensive, prudent and caring manner.

  • I have been using Providend for my retirement & financial planning since 2012. Initially it was just for my wife and I, and in recent years have my children started their investment portfolio with them.

    My Financial Adviser in Providend is Eleanor. I am pleased with her periodic professional guidance, advice and management of the retirement/ financial plan.

    Overall, I like Providend' s philosophy, and am happy with the process and outcome that Eleanor has provided.

  • A wonderful team of people, providing professional financial advice and glad to have them with me on my journey. Definitely recommend for anyone who needs another opinion on their financial matters. My advisor Eleanor is always a phone call or message away.

    LL LEE
  • Eleanor Ng and the Providend team have been a part of our family providing professional financial planning advice for more than two decades. My husband and I are both in Finance, and with Eleanor’s guidance, we have peace of mind in knowing that our retirement is secure.

    Eleanor has been an exceptional and trusted financial advisor over the years, she is proactive and always responding in a timely manner to our questions. We highly recommend anyone who is thinking about financial planning to contact Eleanor!

    V. HAN
  • My wife and I have been clients of Providend since 2009. Eleanor Ng has been my Relationship Manager and Investment Advisor all this time and has assisted us putting in place a comprehensive insurance, retirement and an estate plan. Eleanor is very responsive and detail oriented while at the same time is able to keep big picture life goals firmly in view and provide sound advice no matter the market conditions. I fully recommend Providend’s fee based financial advisory and rigorous evidence based investment model and in particular Eleanor as a trusted wealth advisor.

    G. HUME
  • Would you do your own dentistry? Then why are you trying to manage your finances by yourself?

    I have been a client of Providend for the last ten years, and just achieved a major financial milestone that would never have been possible without the guidance of Eleanor and the Providend team.

    Unlike so many financial advisors whose main task is to sell you investment products, when you work with Providend -- a fee-based advisor -- your interests are aligned; you are the customer, not the resource.

    They provide complete guidance - insurance, achieving and planning for life milestones, even offering perspective on things like estate planning. And of course, investments -- including mutual funds, advice on CPF, and other critically valuable things that a non-fee-based financial advisor would have no incentive to help with.


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The Financial Coconut • 9th June 2021

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