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  • Loh Yong Cheng
    Loh Yong Cheng Lead of Advisory Team

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Senior Executives
Senior Military Regulars
Beneficiaries of inheritance

Having joined Providend as a Client Adviser in 2017, Yong Cheng has empowered many busy professionals, families and near-retirees to explore desirable alternatives to their current lifestyle after gaining better clarity on their finances. His mission is to bring simplicity, transparency, and meaning back to wealth advisory for his clients. Yong Cheng also actively contributes his professional insights on various wealth-related topics in interviews with media channels such as Channel 8, The Straits Times and Lianhe Zaobao.

Prior to his wealth advisory journey, Yong Cheng was with Ernst & Young upon receiving his Bachelor of Accountancy at the Nanyang Technological University (NTU) before joining the National Trade Union Congress (NTUC) where he worked in a union setting to represent workers in their bread & butter issues. Having observed that family issues often arose due to financial reasons during his time in the union, coupled with a strong personal interest and motivation to better plan for himself and his family, he self-funded his own Certified Financial Planner (CFP) course where he first learned more about Providend’s unique advisory model.

Outside of work, Yong Cheng is a nature buff and a houseplant enthusiast. He usually spends his free time soaking in the spirit of outdoors at local parks or overseas hiking trails. Otherwise, he would be tending to his house garden of more than 80 plants with the help of his two-year old daughter, Claire!

Proudest father moment

When Claire calls ‘Papa’ the moment she wakes up from her sleep.

Favourite sport

I’m a Manchester United fan!

Local parks I frequent

Jurong Lake Gardens and
Singapore Botanic Gardens

The ideal holiday

Bringing my family for long road trips on a camper van, exploring scenic hiking trails at our own pace.

My first houseplant

Snake plant (Sansevieria). It was a house-warming gift from my mother-in-law and it sparked off my interest in gardening.

Philanthropic contribution

My wife and I had a project to fundraise from our social circle to buy essentials for an elderly home every Christmas. We did it for 5 years, but had to stop after Claire was born.

Clients’ Reviews

  • Our experience has been a pleasant one. We sought out Providend because of their transparent fee structure and we appreciate the way their consultants manage our retirement plans.

    After sending in an enquiry, one of their consultants, Yong Cheng responded promptly for a face to face meet up. During the initial meet up, explained to us clearly their fee structure and their approach to retirement planning. He went through a series of questionnaires that scores us on money habits, risk appetite and our end goals.

    In subsequent meetings, Yong Cheng presented us with a report on our household and what are the parameters to tweak to achieve these goals. We felt that the figures were well analysed and his reasoning were sound and professional. Due to the nature of their fee structure, they are not pushy about the products they recommend as they want our overall portfolio to perform well.

    Yong Cheng has gone out of his way to stay back late after office hours to accommodate our timings for meet ups and in off-office locations to collect documents. He has also provided timely follow-ups on tasks and information gathering.

    CL Chua
  • As a client, I like how Providend takes a long term view towards retirement planning, and has a systematic “buckets” investment framework in place to handle the risks and volatility of market, in short, “do not time the market”. This philosophy was put to the test by recent Covid situation, and I am impressed that my portfolios remain resilient due to Providend’s grounded investment strategies.

    Kudos to my advisor Yong Cheng (supported by Christopher and his team) for providing that strong reassurance to clients like me to ride out the waves and “invest for the long term”.

    S. Tan
  • We were advised by Mr Loh Yong Cheng, who’s very passionate and sincere about helping us as a family achieve financial freedom.

    He sought to clearly understand our personal, family and career aspirations, the reality today including our commitments and struggles, how we think we can move from today to the future aspirations, etc. He was very patient and attentive throughout, prodding us with guiding questions. There was zero moment of judgement, very well carried out and professional.

    We were very impressed! The follow ups were efficient, and his advice very grounded, underpinned by genuine interest in our lives.

    Thank you Yong Cheng.

    LY Wong
  • I like the fee only advice model. This model eliminates the traditional insurance agent who may try to sell you products which generate the most commission for them (which may not be in your best interest).

    If you are looking for a tailored financial plan, I strongly recommend my financial advisor, Mr Loh Yong Cheng. Throughout our conservation, Yong Cheng listened attentively to my needs and tailored the plan according to my requirements. Yong Cheng also has sound financial knowledge. Overall I am very pleased with his advice.

    J. Quek
  • I approached Providend to advise my husband and I regarding our finances and retirement plans. With a baby coming onboard, I wanted to look for a reliable and trusted advisor to keep us on track with our finances.

    I'm lucky to meet our advisor Mr Loh Yong Cheng, he was meticulous in his planning and understanding to my family's financial needs. They were transparent with their fees and no-nonsense, highly recommend to all.

    YX Lai
  • Great service by my FA Yong Cheng. Helpful and knowledgeable. Provided sound financial and retirement planning advice and went the extra mile to review my parents’ policies!

    J. JOO
  • I feel comfortable with Providend. My advisor gave practical advices like CPF nomination, and the investment philosophy is not fancy but practical.

    J WEN
  • Have always heard good feedback about Providend. Finally engaging them as my FA and the experience has been good.

  • Yong Cheng Loh and the team made a real difference to our financial wellbeing! Thank you!

    H. YIP
  • Providend has made investing a science more than an art and have convincingly swayed me from past negative investing experiences. Its formula takes emotions out of the investment strategy and instead uses statistics as a basis coupled with clear logic and detailed research to guide investment choices.

    Yong Cheng has been very detailed and responsive to my queries and have done a great job helping me to chart out my financial planning to the finest detail. He has advised me well in my financial planning journey and is ever ready to provide advice when necessary. My experience with Providend has been a positive one both from the investment standpoint and also from my relation with my adviser.

    I would highly recommend Providend to individuals who seek sound professional investment planning advise. The fee base approach eliminates any doubt that the customer's interests are always front and centre.

    M. TAN
  • Providend is THE financial advisory with not just the brains, but the heart.

    Before I had the net worth and privilege to be their client, I knew of them through their many engagements with the media on TV and radio to educate the general public on financial matters like insurance, CPF and investments. Hence, I appreciate their focus to help ordinary Singaporeans make proper and unbiased decisions, to distance themselves from a largely commissions-based industry that can be quite toxic.

    Being with Providend now as marketed as a fee-only financial consulting firm, I truly see the difference in the quality of their advisers and products. The journey so far with my senior client adviser has been pleasant as expected of a boutique financial advising firm. I have had private banking relationship managers who relied a lot on their own team of investment specialists, but my Providend adviser Yong Cheng is very well-versed himself. He is quick to respond questions I have, and updates me from time to time on finance articles which he finds interesting, and talks/seminars which Providend organises.

    Their investing philosophy and methodology lines up with what I have been reading and leaning towards for so long. I have completed my insurance coverage, estate planning and almost fully deployed my capital for investment. It is only a matter of time that every investor like myself will have their mettle tested when markets decline, but together with their evidence-based research and products, I'm assured to have the backing of Yong Cheng and the Providend team to guide me on this journey.

    M. CHAN
  • Both my husband and myself started talking to Providend 2 years back on our retirement plans. Yong Cheng was assigned to be our advisor. We are happy to have him advising us on our path towards our retirement goal.

    For those who are still pondering, why not make an attempt to make the first step to discuss and hear from Providend first!

    J. WU
  • My advisor, Yong Cheng, was first assigned to me when I contacted Providend in 2018. Yong Cheng demonstrated great patience with me and I was won over by his dedication to the cause - the causes of his clients. I have been a client since 2019.

    What Yong Cheng did (and which is Providend's philosophy in general, I believe), was to look at the financial status of my family in a wholistic manner, covering: income, expenditure, debt, special needs, investments, insurance, paediatric and geriatric care, retirement and estate planning.

    Whilst I'll not delve into specifics, it will suffice to say that Yong Cheng charted a personalised multi-pronged plan for me which took take care of certain matters, fine-tuned and streamlined my family's finances, which put us in good stead for the future.

    The recent additions to the Providend family and provision of educational/informational sessions also have me convinced that they are serious about providing a comprehensive on-going experience to their clients.

    It is my firm belief that Providend provides the best all-round back-end team of experts' support to their advisors (such as mine, Yong Cheng), who'll in turn provide one of (if not) *the* best-in-class financial service and advisory to you.

    Providend has not only your wealth, but also your health and well-being at heart. This is why I hope to follow in the footsteps of some of its other clients in making my family's relationship with Providend a multi-generational one.

    D. NG
  • Great advice & service! For someone who just stepped into the workforce for a few years, my advisor Yong Cheng has provided very relevant and useful advice to help me with my financial planning and investments.

    PW TAN
  • My husband and I engaged Yong Cheng as our financial planner at Providend. We decided to try a fee-only advisory service as we are not fans of the traditional approach of advisors who push their own products.

    We have engaged YC for over 2 years now and it has been a very positive experience - he makes us feel very comfortable and we can rely on him to give us truthful and relevant advice for the stage of our lives. We check in with him whenever we have any questions or worries. It’s like having a friend to talk to whom you can trust and don’t need to worry about being introduced yet another product to purchase.

    As we are not active investors but also prefer not to be insurance-heavy, YC has really understood our needs and helped us to kickstart our retirement planning in a way that fits our profile. Highly recommended!

    SW TOH
  • Having accumulated enough wealth after working for almost 30 years, I decided to retire in 2019. Though I was confident that my wealth will be sufficient to fund my retirement life, I was struggling to understand what was the best way to structure it into a clear and sustainable retirement plan going forward. I decided to engage Providend for help. By working with its financial advisors Yong Cheng and Bryan, using its RetireWell methodology, we were able to create a clear and simple retirement wealth management plan, which allowed me to see how my assets were being allocated into various buckets generating positive returns that will fund my retirement in different stages of my life. I am happy with their professional services and I am looking forward to working with them for many years to come.

    If you are planning to retire soon, or struggling to understand how to manage your wealth effectively to fund your retirement, or if you are still too early to retire but wish to create an investment strategy that can help you meet your retirement goal, you should consider engaging Providend for help.

    PS ONG
  • My wife and I have been exploring ways to retire without the stress and uncertainty and we have been looking for an advisor to assist us in reviewing our financial assets and how to invest safely. After talking to banks, insurance companies and investment firms, we discovered Providend via YouTube and their RetireWell planning system as discussed by their CEO Christopher Tan. After contacting Providend, we were put in touch with Yong Cheng and Bryan Chan, two of their financial advisors. They patiently walked though their process of planning our retirement based on our goals.

    The main reason we decided on Providend were a few factors 1) Holistic approach - examining our entire financial situation and major commitments over the years and presenting to us a plan to achieve our financial goals. 2) Costs - being a fee-only wealth management advisory firm kept their costs low vs the other options that we have explored. 3) Comfort - having answered all our questions and walked us on our retirement journey, Yong Cheng and Bryan gave us the comfort and confidence that our goals are achievable with proper planning. Based on the above reasons, we strongly recommend Providend to others who are seeking professional and qualified financial advisors to assist them in managing their funds.

    J. ONG
  • Sound approach and methodology towards getting the most out of your savings to retire well. Yong Cheng knows his stuff well and was able to quickly help me sort out what I needed to do. Good job!

    J. LIM
  • I got to know about Providend from my ex-colleague who attended one of Christopher’s financial planning workshop about 3 years back. He then recommended me the book Money Wisdom written by Chris which got me interested about retirement planning. As I was embarking on my second career, I decided to engage Providend 2 years ago to help with getting my finances and my retirement planning sorted out. I was then linked up with Yong Cheng who became my Advisor.

    Yong Cheng has been a great help. First, to get my insurance plans in order so I am protected in the event of any unfortunate events. Then, we moved on to plan out my retirement funding plan. These allow me to feel assured about moving on with a career change and also a peace of mind to know that most of my financial needs are taken care of.

    So, for anyone who is unsure if you are adequately protected despite having bought multiple insurance plans, and even less sure if what you have saved and invested in thus far is able to truly see you through your retirement comfortably. I would recommend that you talk to the team at Providend.

    R. KIM

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