Covid-19 Circuit Breaker Part 4

We are finally down to the last weekend of circuit breaker!   Although we are unable to return to our pre-COVID-19 routine immediately, we are definitely making good progress in the return to [...]


Covid-19 Circuit Breaker Part 3

Here is the third part to ‘The People Of Providend Series | COVID-19 Circuit Breaker’ as we draw near to the final leg of the circuit breaker! If you’ve been following the series [...]


Frequently Asked Questions About CPF

Note: This post has been updated on 13 May 2024. CPF Interest Rates 1. For the extra 1% interest, how do they divide the interest on $40,000 between SA and RA? CPF allocates based on the [...]


Covid-19 Circuit Breaker Part 2

As we pass the halfway mark of our circuit breaker journey, everyone at Providend continues to do their very best to champion this pandemic, taking positive steps to cope with obstacles instead [...]


Covid-19 Circuit Breaker Part 1

The pandemic is revolutionizing the workplace. Working remotely from home has become the norm in most organizations now and it is completely redefining the way teams communicate and work. At [...]


Market Review April 2020

This week marks the 4th week or mid-point of Singapore’s circuit breaker period which began on 7th April. It is a time that is unprecedented in our history, with the streets rather empty of cars, [...]