Business Owners.

No one would know your business better than you but
business exit requires finesse and can be difficult to do it alone.

You have spent your life building a business, and have always wondered how you can successfully transit out at some point.
You want to enhance and capture the value of your businesss and at the same time, ensure smooth transfer ownership to the next owner.
You know that navigating a transition can be difficult and complex, especially when many different stakeholders are involved.

But you don’t know how to start building a well-formulated business exit roadmap that would even include a training program
for your identified successor. While accountants and lawyers can help to maximise the potential sale value and execute sale transactions,
you want someone who can journey with you through the entire process – from identifying your next leader to sustainably monetising your business upon exit.
No one would know your business better than you but business exit requires finesse and can be difficult to do it alone.
Hence, you want an objective third-party to provide a professional second opinion so that you avoid making any emotional decisions.





Does Providend only serve the affluent?

Currently, it is true that we serve mainly the high income earners as well as the high networth families. The reason is not so much because we look down on those with lesser income or wealth, but rather it is these families who will find our practice model of most value to them.


As much as we would like to provide advice to the man in the street, we are unable to do so because the man in the street, in truth, really should not pay us a fee for advice. Their situation is straightforward enough and many times, some general advice will suffice.


In addition, the fee-only practice is not a low cost business to run. Besides fixed headcount cost (we don’t pay commissions to our client advisers), we need to hire good people to staff the investment team function as well as the Solutions Team function. This is over and above the support functions such as Finance, People, Brand, Ops, Compliance. Our focus is on doing good a deep advisory work and for us to be commercially viable, we need to be compensated reasonably. But we have priced our fees such that our clients will still experience great value from us as compared to elsewhere.


Although our small team of client advisers limits us to assist everyone personally, we provide a wealth of educational content, including webinars, articles, YouTube videos, podcasts, and media interviews. We hope this can help in some ways. To receive first-hand our latest insights and thought leadership articles, you can subscribe to our newsletter here.


What are the advantages of investing through Providend, when I can do it at a lower cost elsewhere?

The truth is, if all you are looking for is to execute investments, doing it yourself (DIY) will be much cheaper. You should not use Providend or for that matter, any financial adviser or wealth management firm. There are 2 options if you choose to DIY:


1. Brokerage accounts like IBKR, SAXO, Tiger, Moo Moo – If you know exactly how to create your own portfolio’s asset allocation that will give you the expected return you want and the volatility risk you can accept and you know exactly which instruments, ETFs to use and know how to continue to monitor these instruments in terms of tracking errors, performance behaviours and do not mind executing the trades themselves including rebalancing, then this is the lowest cost way to do it.


2. Digital advisers such as Stashaway, Endowus – If you only want an investment execution platform but do not want to do the work of creating portfolios and curating the instruments and also do not want the trouble of executing each trade and having to rebalance the portfolios as and when needed, then using these digital platforms would be lower cost than using any human advisers and it is the next cheapest cost option. However, one does need to spend some time understanding the investment philosophy of each of these digital advisers because they are all different. One might also need to know the different funds and instruments before buying them.


When you come to Providend, you can expect us to do all the above and more. We perform quite a bit of work for our clients beyond just investing and buying funds. Our clients come to Providend not just wanting to do investments because they know that investing is just part of the larger wealth picture. They look at us to go deep into their lives, work out a comprehensive wealth plan covering every aspects of their wealth needs, execute them and review with them regularly. When a client pay us a fee for advice, they are paying:


1. For clarity on what matters to you in life and what needs to be done (not just financially) to do those things
2. For clarity on your current financial/non-financial position and what needs to be done to enable you to do those things that matter
3. For a comprehensively written wealth plan that provides a roadmap as well as execute the plan well for you to achieve your financial goals and as a result enable you to achieve your life goals
4. For our independent advice, not conflicted by product commissions
5. For a safe pair of hands and a second pair of eyes to help you avoid costly financial mistakes
6.For ongoing conversations, work and advice to help you achieve your goals in the most reliable manner
7. For a peace of mind, for you to save time and do the things you rather do today


How we deliver the value of our advice is by taking you through a process that consists of several meetings. The first one starts with a deep conversation to understand what really matters to you. If this is what you value, then it is time to explore whether it makes sense to be our client.


We get a lot of questions about fees while comparing with robo-advisers and other DIY platforms but, at the end of the day, we think it is more important to decide if the fees that you pay is worth the value that you are getting. Because even if we charge super low fees, if there is no value in the work that we do, then there is really no point.


We do believe that we add a lot of value, otherwise, we would not have in excess of $1 billion under management and still have clients who have been with us since the time we started. To read more about the value we deliver, you can read here.

What are Providend's fees?

As a fee-only firm, we are only paid by our clients. We do not receive any form of commissions from product providers. For fees, there are 3 types:


1. One-time advisory fee. This is based on the amount of work that clients require us to do, just like any professional service firm. After the initial exploratory meeting, we would be able to estimate the time required to do the work and give a quote to clients. If clients are agreeable, a letter of engagement will be signed and even if we need to take more time, there will be no increment in fees.


2. One-time implementation fee for the amount invested. This is based on a percentage of assets invested with us subject to a cap of $25k in the clients’ entire lifetime with us.


3. Ongoing advice fees. This is not just for investment management but ongoing wealth advice, regular progress meetings throughout clients’ life time. This is based on a percentage of assets invested with us and it is tiered based on the amount invested. The higher the investment, the lower the fees.
It would be easier for us to give a more specific quote after the initial meeting with us, for us to understand the work that is required.


Warren Buffett once said: “Price is what you pay, value is what you get.” The amount of fees don’t matter, because if you get value, then the fees you pay would be worth the while. To read more about the value we deliver, you can read here.


We are are confident of the value we bring, over more than two decades of working with clients. You can learn more about what our clients say here.

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