Providend’s Money Wisdom Podcast Season 1
by Christopher Tan, CEO

Providend’s Money Wisdom is an original podcast inspired by Christopher Tan’s book ‘Money Wisdom: Simple truths for financial wellness’. In each episode, he will share simple financial truths to guide you in navigating through the minefields of misinformation and false promises in order to achieve financial security and peace of mind.


The Expat Wealth Blueprint Podcast
by Max Keeling, Head of Expat Advisory Division

The Expat Wealth Blueprint podcast, hosted by Max Keeling, is all about simple approaches for managing personal wealth of $2 to $20 million. In the podcast, Max will be sharing some tools and tips on how you can manage your own wealth as an expat in Asia.


Chilling with The Financial Coconut Podcast

The Financial Coconut is Singapore’s first financial literacy podcast. Some of our Client Advisers and topic experts were invited to join them for this series to share with you our opinions on various perspectives of life.

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