Providend’s Money Wisdom Podcast Season 2
by Isaac Ong, Associate Adviser & Christopher Tan, CEO

Providend’s Money Wisdom podcast is an original podcast by Providend Ltd. In each episode, your hosts, Isaac Ong or Christopher Tan, will be joined by an expert guest as they discuss popular wealth topics to share their money wisdom with you. We hope to guide you in navigating through the minefields of misinformation and false promises in order to achieve financial security and peace of mind.

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Episode 38: Client-Centric Investing: A Conversation with Dave Butler from DFA

In this episode, Dave recounts his journey in one of the biggest fund management companies in the world. With the wealth of knowledge he possesses, he shares his views on money and explains why he still believes that having a wealth adviser is essential for leading a peaceful life. You can find the video version of this podcast episode on YouTube here.

Episode 37: Does Property Fit into Your Overall Investment Portfolio?

In this episode, Chin Yu, our Lead of Advisory Team, discusses why people might prefer to invest in properties over equities and whether Providend considers it as an investment, using our investment framework.


Episode 36: The Brain Behind – Are ILPs Finally Suitable for Your Portfolio?

In this episode, Chris, our CEO, expounds on the four pillars of our investment philosophy – economic contribution, empirical observation, implementation, and practical considerations – and explains how we use these to determine whether to include ILPs in our portfolio for clients.


Episode 35: How Does Providend Coach Our Clients Through Financial Crises?

In this episode, Evelyn Goh, our Deputy CEO and Chief Advisory Officer, shares Providend’s experience through the various crises and our process of holding our clients’ hands through those difficult times.


Episode 34: Why Does Providend Work with Dimensional Fund Advisors?

In this episode, our Head of Investment, Chye Hsern, is joined by Dr. Marlena, Global Head of Investment Solutions at DFA, to delve deeper into the DFA approach to managing their funds, ultimately benefiting our clients who will have peace of mind in their investment journey.


Episode 33: From Accumulators to Retirees: Providend Journeys with You

In this episode, Alvin, our Client Adviser, discusses the differences you should take note of when planning for these two different life stages so that you can develop a comprehensive wealth plan for the long term.


Episode 32: The Brain Behind – Providend’s Secret to Quality Advising and Strong Culture

In this episode, Chris shares the three things you should take note of when choosing the right adviser for yourself and how Providend strives to uphold these in our day-to-day processes.


Episode 31: Lump Sum vs. Dollar Cost Averaging: Which Is Ideal for You?

In this episode, Zhi Han, our Client Adviser, shares the historical evidence for both methods and highlights an important factor investors should consider when deciding between the two.


Episode 30: Value Stocks Outperformed Growth Stocks – Did We Survive Q3?

In this episode, Choon Siong, our Research Analyst, shares the key catalyst of market movements and discusses the outperformance of value stocks over growth stocks.


Episode 29: Will Providend Finally Include ILPs in Our Clients’ Portfolios?

In this episode, Mike Zhang, our Insurance Specialist, gives an overview of the different types of ILPs and all its features, its pros and cons, and his views on whether Wealth ILPs would fit into Providend’s investment philosophy, or not.


Episode 28: Banks vs IFA Firms vs Providend: How Are We Different?

In this episode, we are glad to have Joyce, our Associate Adviser, and Zhi Han, our Client Adviser, share their past working experiences in the big banks and well-known financial advisory firms – from client acquisition to the advisory and wealth planning process – versus what they are currently doing here at Providend.


Episode 27: The Brain Behind – Why Providend Uses the Ibbotsen-Chen Model in Our Planning Process

In this episode, Chris clarifies that these planning returns are actually not our portfolios’ target returns and that it is just a part of all the backend work we do (i.e. regular reviews of our clients’ circumstances, regular monitoring of the portfolios’ performances, a constant search for other suitable investment instruments) to give clients a better investment experience.


Episode 26: Developing a Mindset of Scarcity at 18 Years Old Ft. Seth Wee from Sethisfy

In this episode, Seth, Youtube Finfluencer of Sethisfy, shares two major life events that happened when he turned 18 and how that shaped his money values for life.

Episode 25: Recounting the Providend Story with Our Senior Founding Members

In this episode (which coincides with our 22nd birthday!), we specially invited two of Providend’s founding members, Loh Mei Kuen and Vincent Tey, to share their reflections as they recount their initial experiences at the firm and their hopes for the future of Providend.


Episode 24: How to Plan for a Car Purchase in Singapore Realistically

In this episode, our Client Adviser, Ray Zheng, shares the deep conversations he had with some of his clients to better help them determine where car ownership ranks in terms of their other important life priorities and key considerations before making a car purchase that can actually make ‘financial sense’.


Episode 23: The Brain Behind – How Does Your Wealth Adviser Value-Add Beyond Providing Monetary Incentives?

In this episode, our CEO, Christopher Tan, shares what value you should be expecting from your adviser and emphasises the importance of consumers’ demands in improving the overall financial landscape.


Episode 22: Why an Investment Expert Would Be Willing to Pay for Wealth Advice

In this episode, Head of Investment Research at Dimensional Fund Advisors, Dr Wei Dai, shares her concerns towards “free advice” and key considerations when finding a suitable wealth adviser, especially as an expert in her field.


Episode 21: Managing the Sandwich Generation Stress: Finances, Emotional and Time

In this episode, our Advisory Team Lead, Loh Yong Cheng, shares his personal challenges balancing the roles, responsibilities and obligations as a sandwich generation and provides useful tips on how to manage these challenges in the various aspects.


Episode 20: All You Need to Know About Estate Distribution, Estate Creation & Estate Preservation

In this episode, our Head of Solutions, Eddy Cheong shares the three key areas of estate planning – Distribution, Creation and Preservation, as well as considerations when crafting your estate plan so that the transfer of your estate, upon your unfortunate demise, can be transferred to your intended recipients without any unnecessary delay or unexpected situations that may complicate the entire distribution process.


Episode 19: The Brain Behind – The Futility of the Active Versus Passive Debate

In this episode, our CEO, Christopher Tan, explains why Providend uses the Ibbotson-Chen Earnings Model, when crafting our client’s wealth plan, to properly estimate the future expected returns of the stock markets and how our investment approach has shined during the market downturn in 2022.


Episode 18: Fed Rate Hikes, Growth vs Value, AI Megatrends: How Should You Invest in 2H 2023?

In this episode, our Research Analyst, Lim Choon Siong, summarises key market events that happened in the past quarter and explains what long-term investors like us should do to get the returns we truly need.


Episode 17: A Step-By-Step Guide to Planning for Your Child’s Tertiary Education

In this episode, our Solutions Specialist, Tan Choong Hwee, and our Insurance Executive, Ma Jiamin, share their overseas education experience as well as a step-by-step guide to planning for your children’s education.


Episode 16: All You Need to Know About End-of-Life Planning

In today’s episode, Chris delves deeper into the End-of-life planning process where he explains what Advance Medical Directive (AMD), Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) and Advance Care Plan (ACP) are for and why we need to get these important documents done early, when we are in good health.


Episode 15: The Must-Have Insurance at Different Stages of Your Life

In this episode, Mike Zhang, our Insurance Specialist, shares the must-have insurance you need at the different life stages (yes, they vary at every stage and hence it’s important to do an insurance review regularly) as well as key considerations to take before you purchase your next insurance policy.


Episode 14: The Brain Behind – Mitigating the Conflicts of Interest in the Financial Advisory Industry

In this episode, Chris shares his thoughts behind this matter, one that is close to his heart, and also elaborates further as to why the commission-based approach actually makes more economic sense for individuals with less complex needs as well as ways on how we, as consumers, can mitigate this conflict of interest if we choose to engage a commission-based adviser.


Episode 13: A Lawyer’s Perspective: Is Wealth Advice Worth Paying For Ft. Lee Soo Chye from Wee Swee Teow LLP

In this episode, our CEO, Christopher Tan, speaks with Lee Soo Chye, Managing Partner of Wee Swee Teow LLP, on his money journey as well as key traits to look out for in a good adviser, be it in the legal, healthcare or wealth industry.


Episode 12: How to Optimise CPF as Part of Your Overall Wealth Plan

In this episode, Isaac discusses the strategies for optimising your CPF accounts and integrating them into your personal wealth plan with Tan Chin Yu, our Advisory Team Lead.


Episode 11: What Investors Need to Know About Private Equity

In this episode, Isaac speaks with our Head of Investment, Cheng Chye Hsern, where he shares what investors need to know about private equity and Providend’s view on investing in this asset class.


Episode 10: The Brain Behind – Do Not Use Money Meant to Fight Inflation in the Long Term to Mitigate Inflation Now

In this episode, Christopher further emphasises the opportunity costs involved especially during a high inflation period like now and shares other inflation-protected assets you can consider for the long term.


Episode 9: The Mindset of a DIY Investor Who Achieved FI by Age 38 Ft. Investment Moats

In this episode, our CEO, Christopher Tan, walks down memory lane with the Chief Editor of Investment Moats and Providend’s very own Senior Solution Specialist, Kyith Ng, as he shares stories of his growing up years and key things to note when making the switch from a DIY investor to engaging a wealth adviser.


Episode 8: Our Pursuit of the Perfect Portfolio for Long-Term Investors

In this episode, our Head of Investment, Cheng Chye Hsern, dives deeper to talk about the careful selection of the fund managers we partner with and the intensive brainwork done behind the scenes to construct our core investment portfolios to effectively capture the returns for our clients in the long run.


Episode 7: The Way Providend Invests for Our Clients

In this episode, our Head of Investment, Cheng Chye Hsern, shares more about Providend’s investment philosophy as well as how it guides us in evaluating and seeking out the financial assets that give our clients the highest probability of reaching their financial milestones.


Episode 6: The Brain Behind –
Achieving Contentment Is the Greatest Gain

In this episode, Christopher further explains how he applies the philosophy of sufficiency to the different aspects of his life and how it can help one achieve true contentment.


Episode 5: 4% Rule, Dividend Investing, RetireWell™ – Which Spending Strategy Is Best for Retirees?

In this episode, Isaac speaks with our Client Adviser, Bryan Chan, on the various retirement spending strategies, from the commonly known 4% rule to dividend investing and our very own RetireWell™.


Episode 4: Amidst the Banking Crisis, Should We Be Worried?

In this episode, our Research Analyst, Lim Choon Siong, summarises key market events that have happened in the last quarter and explained why the short-lived market turbulence that followed the US banking crisis in March did not prevent investor optimism leading US stocks higher over the quarter.


Episode 3: Be Financially Woke Ft. The Work Salaryman

In this episode, our CEO, Christopher Tan, speaks with its founders, He Ruiming (the guy who writes) and Wei Choon Goh (the guy who illustrates), to learn more about their interesting money story and how they view the value of wealth advice.


Episode 2: The Past, Present, and Future of Providend

In this episode, our CEO, Christopher Tan, reminisces the uneasy period to sustain the business in the early years and how we have come so far to where we are today, with a strong corporate culture that emphasises on doing the right thing for our clients.


Episode 1: Meet Your New Co-host, Isaac Ong!

In this episode, you will get to know more about your new co-host – Isaac Ong, as he shares what he does as an Associate Adviser at Providend, his past experiences in the industry, and what brought him to us.

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