Chilling with The Financial Coconut Podcast
Collaboration between Providend and TFC

The Financial Coconut is Singapore’s first financial literacy podcast. Some of our Client Advisers and topic experts were invited to join them for this series to share with you our opinions on various perspectives of life.

FIRE is Overrated! Manage Your Finances to Live Your Best Life

How do we differentiate commission-based, fee-based and fee-only wealth advisers? Which life insurance plans do we need – term, whole life or investment-linked?

Also, is there a way to live a purposeful life without going to the extremes of FIRE or YOLO?

In this podcast, our CEO, Christopher Tan shares his motivations behind starting Providend to provide conflict-free, comprehensive wealth advice and how it has evolved to drive the company’s philosophy today.

It Is More Than “Buy Term, Invest the Rest”. Why?

When it comes to insurance, it is important to pay as little as you can and be covered for as much as you need.

While many Singaporeans consider insurance an important part of their overall wealth plan, many are still unsure if ‘buy term, invest the rest’ is a suitable strategy for them.

In this podcast, Chee Kian and Bryan explain insurance in a way you can easily grasp and share tips on how you can be sufficiently insured without overpaying in premiums.

Must You Invest to Retire Early?

By age 38, Kyith has achieved financial independence and helms Singapore’s most well read financial blog where he openly shares his personal wealth building journey since he was 24.

In this podcast, Kyith elaborates how his wealth building model has evolved over the years and explains how it is possible to retire early without actively investing.


Managing Your Finances as a Couple

“Money Can’t Buy Happiness” is an adage that some people live by and others ignore. But when it comes to your marriage, just talking about money goes a long way.

Speaking from their personal experiences, Yong Cheng and Chin Yu share key considerations and insider tips on how you can start discussing money with your partner as you both work to combine your finances in a way that is fair, transparent and sustainable.

You Don’t Have to Wait Until 65 to Retire

If you have a hidden passion which you have always wanted to try, you don’t need to wait until you’re 65 for age is only a number, a cipher for records.

In this podcast, Max shares how having mini retirements can be a wonderful and relaxing experience as we look at all successful ventures, the foundation of a good mini retirement is — planning.

Estate Planning 101 and Why You Should Start on Yours Now

The shortest will listed on the Guinness World Records is only three-word long and that is – “All to wife”.

While estate planning, a topic that is typically linked to death, remains sensitive to talk about, Mei Kuen and Eleanor provide useful and practical advice on how you should approach and plan for it in this podcast.

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