What Providend Has Achieved in 19 Years


19 years ago, on this very same day, 19 men trained by al-Qaeda carried out a coordinated terrorist attack on the United States that had been planned for years. The attackers simultaneously hijacked four large passenger aircraft with the intention of crashing them into major landmarks in the United States, inflicting as much death and destruction as possible.
First was an American Airlines Boeing 767 which collided into the World Trade Center’s north tower in New York City, immediately killing hundreds of people and trapping hundreds more in the 110-story skyscraper. 18 minutes later, a second Boeing 767 flew into the south tower. Both towers afire, burning debris covered the surrounding buildings and the streets below while hundreds jumped from the towers to their deaths in an attempt to escape. About 30 minutes later, the third plane crashed into the west side of the Pentagon near Washington, D.C. and the fourth plane crash-landed into a field in Pennsylvania killing all 40 souls on board. Meanwhile, both World Trade Center towers collapsed into a terrifying and deadly inferno of rubble.
Coincidentally, that was also the fateful day Providend was born. It was the day we signed our office lease – the beginning of our story.
Learn how far we have come as we recount all the little milestones we have achieved thus far as Singapore’s first fee-only wealth advisory firm in this short video.
We would also like to take this opportunity to thank everyone, especially our family of clients, for supporting us and believing in us in every step of the journey the past 19 years.
Last but not least, to our family of colleagues at Providend, Happy 19th Anniversary!

Today is Providend’s 19th anniversary. And so we were inspired by what the Prime Minister of New Zealand did, which was to recount all our achievements over the past 19 years. And so here goes.

So in 2003, we became the first Fee-Only Comprehensive Wealth Advisory Firm in Singapore, as well as we became the first firm in Singapore to rebate 100% of total insurance commissions back to clients. In that same year, we also became the first company to not take trailers from unit trusts that we sold to clients.

And also in 2004, we were appointed by CPF Board as their external consultant to develop the CPF Retirement Calculator. In the same year, we wrote two books. The first was the Singapore Master Financial Planning Guide, as well as Estate Planning Made Easy, now in its third edition.

And in 2005, I represented the company to participate in the Asia Financial Planning Journal and we won the Best Financial Adviser Rep Award. In 2007, I was part of the industry panel of the CPF Life Committee. And in 2008, we participated in the Singapore Prestige Brand Award and won the Promising Brand category. And in 2009, I also represented the company to participate in the Asia Pacific Entrepreneur Award and won the Most Promising Entrepreneur Award.

And in 2011, we developed Finishing Well, which is a framework to help our clients live a more meaningful life, enabled by money. And in 2014, again, I represented Providend to be part of the CPF Advisory Panel. And in 2014, we developed RetireWell, which is the first retirement withdrawal system in Singapore. And in 2014, we birthed DIYInsurance, Singapore’s First Insurance Aggregator.

And in 2018, we went into a joint venture with NTUC Enterprise to form MoneyOwl, Singapore’s First Bionic Financial Adviser to the mass market. And in 2018, we were the top net sales firm on our custodian iFast platform. And in 2018 as well, one of our advisers won the top Client Adviser award, in terms of ETF sales. In 2018, we are very proud to be mentioned in The Business Times for being a firm that made a name through ethical practices.

And in 2019, I wrote a book called Money Wisdom. And in 2019 as well, we became, again, the top net sales firm on iFast platform and that same year, the same adviser won the top Client Adviser in terms of AUA collection.

In 2020 we relaunched RetireWell, which we call RetireWell Reloaded. And finally, in 2020, we published the third edition of Estate Planning Made Easy.

So well, that’s it. It has been an amazing 19 years for Providend. And we just want to thank all of you, especially our clients, our staff, both past and present, for contributing to the growth of Providend. Most importantly, we want to thank you for your belief in all of us. Happy Anniversary, Providend!

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