Why I Quit Architecture School

Just hold on for a few more months and get the masters, they said. As December dwindles into the abyss of 2017, it is hard not to reflect on the many challenges and glories we have had to face [...]


Managing Your Finances as a Couple

“Money Can’t Buy Happiness” is an adage that some people live by and others ignore. But when it comes to your marriage, just talking about money goes a long way. Speaking from their [...]


What Brought Me to Providend

“I want to be a wealth adviser,” I told Ms. Yap, Executive Director of Whitman Independent Advisors. “I want to help people in the journey of crafting their very own holistic wealth plan and then [...]


Get to Know Dr Peng Chen

 We are very delighted and deeply honoured to welcome Dr Peng Chen as an addition to our growing family! Prior to joining Providend, Dr Peng had an illustrious career as the founding CEO of [...]


Client’s Journey To Adviser

Greetings all! I recently joined Providend in a Senior Client Advisor capacity, but whilst I am new to the role, I have had a very long and fruitful association with the firm over the last 11 [...]


Estate Planning Made Easy: Introduction

What may come to your mind immediately is that this book is about Wills. You’re partly correct. We’ll, however, help you see that this is also partly a misconception. Estate planning is a lot [...]


Covid-19 Circuit Breaker Part 4

We are finally down to the last weekend of circuit breaker!   Although we are unable to return to our pre-COVID-19 routine immediately, we are definitely making good progress in the return to [...]


Covid-19 Circuit Breaker Part 3

Here is the third part to ‘The People Of Providend Series | COVID-19 Circuit Breaker’ as we draw near to the final leg of the circuit breaker! If you’ve been following the series [...]


Frequently Asked Questions About CPF

1. For the extra 1% interest, how do they divide the interest on $40,000 between SA and RA? CPF allocates based on the precedence of RA-OA-SA-MA. If you are currently after 55 years old, and you [...]


Covid-19 Circuit Breaker Part 2

As we pass the halfway mark of our circuit breaker journey, everyone at Providend continues to do their very best to champion this pandemic, taking positive steps to cope with obstacles instead [...]


Covid-19 Circuit Breaker Part 1

The pandemic is revolutionizing the workplace. Working remotely from home has become the norm in most organizations now and it is completely redefining the way teams communicate and work. At [...]


Till Death Do Us Part

Financial planning is about understanding the many investment decisions that we make and then bringing them together to fit in appropriately with the goals and responsibilities we have in mind. [...]


The Importance Of Writing A Will

Many of us have wondered why there’s more and more talk about the importance of writing a Will nowadays. There are good reasons for this which I will highlight in this article. For the picture to [...]

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