What Goes Through Your Mind Right Before You Die?

Christopher Tan

Near-death experiences can not only change our perspective on death but also empower us to live more meaningful, fulfilled lives.

Watch this video as Christopher Tan, CEO of Providend, shares a personal anecdote about an adventure that almost took his life away.

Hello everyone. Thank you for watching this video clip.
We hope that through this way, we will be able to share some of our thinking and hopefully give some food for thought and make a small impact on your financial and non-financial life.

Today, I want to share with you a real story that happened to me more than ten years ago.

Well, some of us from our company went for a trip to climb Mount Kinabalu. But just a few days before the climb, we decided to go for the rapids. It’s water rafting at the rapids.
And I remembered that when we were at the rapids, just preparing ourselves to get on the raft, one of my colleagues asked me, “You know, will the raft collapse?” And I jokingly told her that “No, it wouldn’t be. You know, it wouldn’t be so unlucky that we go on this trip, we go on this rafting trip and the raft collapse.” And I said, “Don’t worry about it. It’s going to be very safe.”

And one rapid after another, we successfully crossed it. But then came this huge rapid that we were warned about. And that rapid is called the Washing Machine Rapid.

And the minute we went into that rapid, the raft overturned. It capsized and I went underwater. Now although I had my life vest on, I couldn’t get up. The current was just too strong. There was no way that I could get up. And I wasn’t able to breathe. And I was about to give up actually.
I saw the water on top but I couldn’t get up and I was about to give up. And I was about to just take in the water and die.

But thankfully, just before I opened my mouth, I surfaced and I survived.
Now many people say that just before you die, you will never think about work, you will think about family and all that. Unfortunately, I had no time to think about whether work or family was more important.

But after that incident when I look back, I realized that thankfully I did not die that day. Because at that time, I had no estate plan, I had not written a will, I had not made clear instructions and if I died, things will become rather messy.

So, if you have not done an estate plan, if you have not done a will, if you have not done legacy planning, let me encourage you to start today. Don’t leave behind a mess. Leave behind a legacy. Make sure whoever you want to give, it goes to the intended beneficiaries.

Start Today. Don’t leave behind a mess. Leave behind a legacy.

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