Episode 18: Don’t Ever Give Up

Don’t ever give up! What we have learnt from the past century is that no matter how deep and long the crises are, the market always recovers. The key question is, do you have the time to wait for it to recover?

In this episode, I will share the impact of the top 10 stock market crashes in history and my sincere advice to the investors and advisers out there when facing a market downturn like now.

Important note: Keep investing but invest in the right things. If you sell during a market downturn, you are out of the game with no hope of recovery at all.

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The host, Christopher Tan, is Chief Executive Officer of Providend, Singapore’s first fee-only wealth advisory firm and author of the book “Money Wisdom: Simple Truths for Financial Wellness”.

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Music courtesy of ItsWatR.

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