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    Lee Chee Kian Senior Client Adviser

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Armed Forces Personnel
University Lecturer
Finance Director
Principal Engineer
Social Worker
Project Manager

Bringing with him more than a decade of experience in the wealth management industry, Chee Kian is a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) licensee and a member of the Financial Planning Association of Singapore (FPAS). Driven by his passion to support his clients address all of the life-impacting financial decisions they need to make, he forms rewarding and trusted relationships with his clients through competency and authentic communication.

Prior to joining the wealth advisory industry, Chee Kian was working as a Principal Engineer in the electronics industry for 10 years. His training and experience as an Engineer has equipped him with strong analytical skills and a firm foundation for problem solving. In addition, numbers make sense to Chee Kian in a way that he is able to share his financial insight and comprehension with clients in a straightforward manner, empowering them with an awareness they can carry forward, making smarter choices for themselves, now and for their future.

Outside his work commitments, Chee Kian also has a lifelong affair with travel. He believes that family vacations are experiences that he can give his kids that they will never outgrow and enjoys bringing his two teenage kids on long road trips during their holidays. When in Singapore, Chee Kian will explore different hiking and cycling trails and also goes for weekly squash games with his friends.

Advice for my younger self

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Favourite soccer team and player

Manchester United and Ryan Giggs

Proudest father moment

When my children ran towards me and gave me a peck on the cheeks for the first time

Upcoming travel plans

Trekking up Tour Du Mont Blanc once it’s safe to travel again

A foreign language I wish to master

Spanish because it would come in handy when travelling in South America

Most memorable hiking trip

A 6 days hike from World Heritage-listed Cradle Mountain to Lake St Clair in Tasmania. I experienced all 4 seasons within 6 days, from summer heat to snow covered mountains!

Clients’ Reviews

  • I have been a client of Providend for about 4 years. What was most beneficial to me was that my financial advisor Chee Kian prepared a financial plan which provided structure as to what I need to do to achieve my retirement goal. Providend’s financial advice is usually down to earth and sensible (e.g. focus on rate of savings rather than rate of returns), and does not expose clients to unnecessary market risk in order to get better returns.

    It is also good to see that Providend is trying to value add by improving the range of products provided to clients, and providing more educational outreach to clients. In terms of the Dimensional fund portfolio, one advantage is the use of long term historical data and research material which provides more reliability and certainty to clients in reaching their future financial goals.

    R. CHEOK
  • We have been client since 2005 and always received best in class advice that are based on what we want to achieve.

    Service is very professional and personal.

    R. JOLY
  • Which investment strategy we undertake largely depends on our own risk appetite, how much we are ready to put aside systematically, your investment time horizon and who you take investment advice from.

    In my first meeting with Lee Chee Kian (Providend), he asked me a very basic question. That had to do with what was/were my financial goal(s). Not many of us sit down frequently to think about exactly what we want to do with our ROI in the future. I must have paused for a good 10 seconds to think it through. And even if we do know, that could change as well depending on how our life evolves over time. The easy first step was for me to put it down as a target, have Providend with their rich know-how guide me in balancing my portfolio of equities and bonds.

    Lee is a very patient individual, he put my goals first. He explained and simplified many of the technicalities in planning and executing my investment. I especially appreciated the holistic approach, time to learn and a big picture with sufficient level of details on how to enhance my retirement goals.

    NK LAI
  • I have started investing with Providend in October 2020 under the expert guidance of my adviser, Chee Kian Lee. He has been very approachable and knowledgeable in answering all my questions.

    Chee Kian derived and explained patiently and in great detail a customized investment strategy for me, which is designed to benefit me and my family very well in the long term. Providend offers financial services for busy professionals like me who don't have much time to deeply think of financial planning

  • I have been with Providend for about 10 years, and have not looked back since. All these years, my adviser, Chee Kian, has provided me with great and valuable advice and I could see how my returns on investments had grown over the years, enabling me to invest in a new property and building my retirement fund, etc.

    Staying with Providend frees up time for me to spend my time on other important aspects of my life, with family and friends, and yet assured that I am in good hands, as the money is made to work hard :). I would recommend to anyone who needs great advice, trust and service to make your money work hard for you, not a trivial matter in such uncertain times.

    TK LEE
  • I have been using Providend services for more than 15 years. And I am very happy and satisfied with their professional, competent, reliable, caring and "conflicts-free" approach in serving their clients.

    I especially like their "clients-centric" values as they always focus on meeting our individual and family needs and place our interests above anyone else interests. With Providend as my trusted financial adviser, my family and I can sleep well at night!

    R. HONG
  • I am so grateful for the support provided by Providend. We have used Providend for more than 15-years and during this time we have had numerous invaluable recommendations to protect and increase our asset base. All the advisors are just a phone call away and I am comfortable asking the most basic of questions.

    R. VAANI

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