Must You Invest to Retire Early?

By age 38, Kyith has achieved financial independence and helms Singapore’s most well read financial blog where he openly shares his personal wealth building journey since he was 24.

In this podcast, Kyith elaborates how his wealth building model has evolved over the years and explains how it is possible to retire early without actively investing.

The podcast’s timeline is as follows:

1:26: Is early retirement a fad?
3:30: What did Kyith wanted when he started this journey?
5:00: How our money stories when we were younger affect us
6:20: Kyith’s older wealth-building model
9:40: Must you be an investor to gather wealth?
12:20: Explaining Risk vs Return vs Effort
16:00: “Everything compounds”
19:00: Competencies other than investing that Kyith picked up along the way
22:50: How do we tell if an expert or mentor is a real deal?
25:00: Shift in managing money
31:00: Kyith’s thoughts on where to invest in the future (Growth, Value)


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