Living Out Providend’s Philosophy

This is an interview done by ZuuOnline for Christopher Tan, CEO of Providend. Fee-only – Still A Game Changer Source: Providend Since then, Providend has grown from strength to strength. Tan [...]


Singapore’s 2018 Property Shock

Yesterday, on 5 July 2018, the Singapore Government announced that it would raise the Additional Buyer’s Stamp Duty (ABSD) by 5% for citizens and permanent residents buying second and subsequent [...]


The Psychology Of An Investor

From young, we’re generally taught to save. If we were lucky enough to have an allowance, we were told to put some away. Maybe we had a tooth fairy who gave us some pocket change, again, we were [...]


Chasing Returns In The Retirement Game

Over a business lunch recently, one senior gentleman was relating to me on how his private banker tried to sell him a financial product. It was an equity-based investment meant to give a certain [...]


Can We Retire in Singapore?

A common question posed to me at conferences and panel discussions is: “Can we retire in Singapore?” It seems that many Singaporeans are worried that they can’t. So what does it take to retire in [...]


The Case For Term Insurance

Since 2003, we have been advocating the use of term insurances. While many Singaporeans appreciated our beliefs, the insurance and financial planning industry fought it. We stood out like a sore [...]


Insurance for Newborns

Finally, your baby has arrived. After nine months of anxious waiting, the climax at the delivery ward is awesome, especially for first-time parents. Before long from basking in your bundle of [...]


Can You Still Trust Wealth Management?

As wealth managers, are we still taking time to truly understand clients’ needs? Whatever happened to the consideration to recommend what is best for clients’ profitability? Where is that fiduciary [...]