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    Tan Chin Yu Lead of Advisory Team

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In a financial world often driven by product pushing and a sales-focused approach, Chin Yu has always aspired to pursue a path where he can truly be client-focused in a highly transparent and competent manner.

Prior to being part of the Providend family, Chin Yu worked at Singapore Airlines (SIA) in various commercial roles, including 5 years overseas which is a typical career progression to becoming an overseas General Manager. At the same time, he was also “in love” with personal finance, having invested in his first index fund in 2013 and had been obsessed with financial planning since then. While Chin Yu enjoyed the work and opportunities he had at SIA, he also realised that pursuing a strong life purpose and belief in changing people’s lives was more important than the traditional definition of career success.

Having made the decision to do a career switch to join Providend in 2019, Chin Yu has been helping his clients find the balance in managing the tradeoffs they must make between today’s quality of life and what will position them for a healthy quality of life in the future. He engages his clients in a rich dialogue consistently to help them uncover what matters most to them while providing clarity and ongoing support that is needed in their lifelong journey.

When not in the office, Chin Yu spends most of his time with his wife and young daughter who occasionally surprises him with her “knowledge” on CPF. He is also an avid reader and believes that books are lined with the wisdom of humanity, insights that each author has spent years refining. He enjoys reading up various topics of interests and one thing that stuck with him is that the biggest influence of long-term happiness is the strength of your relationships, hence that became very important to him.

Favourite book

Essentialism by Greg McKeown. It talks about having a strict criteria on what you deem as important, then allocating our time and energy towards it while eliminating everything else that is not.

Proudest father moment

I’m not quite sure to be honest, as there had been many milestones. One of them could possibly be when she learned and played a full song on the piano, which I thought was quite impressive to me for a 4-year-old at that time.

One privilege you enjoyed while working at SIA

The biggest privilege that I enjoyed when I was working for Singapore Airlines was definitely getting spoiled by travelling around in First and Business class all the time! We were not allowed to travel in Suites as staff though, so this experience definitely still remains on my bucket list that I plan to check off one day.

My exercise regime

As an Ex-National Team ice hockey player, I still go for weekly trainings with the Singapore National Team, but I’m less competitive now.

Apart from that, I turned one of my bedrooms at home into a home gym which I equipped with a half rack and fully rubber matted the floor for deadlifts and bent-over rows. I usually spend about 45 min in my gym room every morning before I head to work.

A typical date night with my wife

We usually like to just head to a café on the weekend with just the 2 of us to just engage in conversation without my little one calling for us every 2 minutes. Nothing too fancy for us, as the company is more important than the setting!

Biggest achievement for ice hockey

Being part of the Singapore team who attained the bronze medal in the Challenge Cup of Asia tournament in 2019. This was an achievement because we managed to defeat Malaysia, who won us by quite a large margin during the 2017 SEA Games.

After that, the Singapore team went on to clinch silver in the 2019 SEA Games (which I did not participate in), defeating Philippines in an historic semi-finals, which was absolutely amazing and unexpected. The Singapore team is definitely going in the right direction with bigger things to come.

Clients’ Reviews

  • I’m very please with the service rendered. Comprehensive planning and sound advice. My wife and I had a better idea to prepare for the shortfall needed for our retirement.

    A. Lim
  • Chin Yu has been a trusted advisor who’s been working with us from a goals based perspective. This is what we need at this phase of our lives.

    He is also readily available to give insights on all matters related to financial planning. Having my finances in order gives me the bandwidth to focus on my career and family.

    SY NG
  • Chin Yu was helpful in every step of the way as he planned our retirement needs. We are impressed by his responsiveness and he is always well-prepared during our meetings. He also rescued us from making an unsound investment with our banker for paltry returns and hefty fees and we were able to stop our investment in the nick of time.

    Before engaging Providend, we were not maximizing our savings sitting in our bank accounts. Let's face it - retirement planning can be rather boring. We are glad to overcome the inertia to engage them and leave it to the experts to do it. With Providend taking care of our financial planning, we can fully focus on our career and family without this constant worry that we aren't making our savings work harder for us. Providend provides a wholistic view of our financial standing, including CPF, compared to us doing investments on our own on different platforms such as roboadvisors and buying our own Unit trusts, etc. They also asked questions we would have otherwise missed in the process of coming up with our retirement goals. Also, they don't do hard-selling of investment products with sub-par returns like the banks just for commission. If that's a huge turn-off for you, you may want to have a chat with Providend.

    As they take a long term approach, short term performance doesn't mean anything, but so far our investments have done pretty well in the short 1 year+ we have been with them.

    K. CHEN
  • Thanks to Providend (especially Chin Yu), who has taken the time and effort to understand our life's goals and plan our finances accordingly. Well worth the investment with them, thank you.

    M. HO
  • In my introductory meeting with client advisor Chin Yu, I found him to be a knowledgeable professional who is helpful, honest and easy to talk to.

    Based on my needs, he was kind enough to refer me to more suitable third parties for further consultation. He is very much a credit to his company. Thanks again, Chin Yu!

    J. HAN
  • Good experience. Professional advisor, give good advice and structured planning. Highly recommended

    K. LEE
  • One of the best decisions we made was to engage Providend as our financial advisor. Being fee only, they are unbiased and trustworthy.

    Our thanks goes to Chin Yu who is not only proactive, but detailed both in planning and patient in clarifying our queries.

    WK TAN

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