S2E31: Lump Sum vs. Dollar Cost Averaging: Which Is Ideal for You?

Isaac Ong

After finding the right instrument to invest in, the next question many investors might have is whether they should invest their entire amount all at once (Lump Sum) or spread it out over a few months (Dollar Cost Averaging). There are merits to both approaches, but which one is right for you?

In this week’s Money Wisdom episode, Zhi Han, our Client Adviser, shares the historical evidence for both methods and highlights an important factor investors should consider when deciding between the two.

You can also hear Chris’ view on lump sum investing in his interview with MONEY FM 89.3 here.

Meanwhile, stay tune for the next episode where Chris discusses more about his latest article on The Business Times!

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The host of this episode, Isaac Ong, is an Associate Adviser at Providend, the first fee-only wealth advisory firm in Southeast Asia and a leading wealth advisory firm in Asia. Learn more about Isaac here.

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