Episode 12: Understanding CPF

In this episode, I will highlight the key principle governing CPF and shares about the Minimum Sum Scheme, CPF LIFE as well as the hottest debate in 2014 concerning the interest rates we are [...]


Gaining Further Tax Relief With SRS

The end of the year is often a period where we slow down our pace of work and spend some quality time with the family, especially in this disruptive year of covid-19. As the year winds down, we [...]


Frequently Asked Questions About CPF

Note: This post has been updated on 13 May 2024. CPF Interest Rates 1. For the extra 1% interest, how do they divide the interest on $40,000 between SA and RA? CPF allocates based on the [...]


The Purpose of CPF

When the Central Provident Fund (CPF) was introduced in 1955, it only had one intention and that is to help Singaporeans to save for retirement. Since its establishment, the fundamental of it has [...]


Separating Fact From Fallacy About CPF

Last week, I received multiple text messages from my friends with regard to CPF. And when I saw similar messages posted all over Facebook, I knew I had to clarify it. An excerpt of the first [...]