Cheng Chye Hsern

Head of Investment Team

  • Cheng Chye Hsern
    Cheng Chye Hsern Head of Investment Team

Chye Hsern is a 17-year veteran of investment management, having started out as an equity analyst in a hedge fund, and subsequently worked as an analyst for public and private markets at a leading private equity firm, Apollo Global Management.

In his time at Apollo, Chye Hsern worked on deals in the resource and energy sector, while covering public market sectors like Asia tech manufacturing and Asia credit. Subsequently, he joined Providend as Head of Investment in 2013, and over the past decade has revamped the client portfolios to have a more consistent investment approach.

In his free time, he enjoys tennis and skiing and has dabbled in baking occasionally.

Must-have food in my life

Cheeseburger with fries served with a side of curry rice

Superpower I wish I could have


Advice for my younger self

I would have started tennis at 3 years old

Favourite place I wish to live in


A language I wish to master

Still trying to master Japanese to watch Anime

My exercise regime

Interval training and weight lifting, am looking to start pilates

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Insights by Chye Hsern and Investment Team

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