The Providend Conversation: Living the Good Life with Jeshua Soh (Part 2)

We are back with part two of our Providend Conversation with Jeshua, a 28-year-old who travelled during the COVID-19 pandemic to over 50 countries, navigating through the uncertainty of vaccinations, all while working remotely and keeping costs low.

In this episode, Jeshua opened up about his reasons for choosing to study at a polytechnic versus the junior college and university route and why he considered it a ‘shortcut’ in his filmmaking and creative journey.

Jeshua believes that education is really about learning, and for him, it’s less about being in a ‘branded’ education institution and having a certificate. He also shared how his parents reacted to the choices he made: “It wasn’t like I was going to drop out of school to do drugs or join a gang.” In fact, he considers himself to have graduated from the “university of life”.

“It’s not about the ability to retire but also how we utilise the time while we are on this planet. In the last three years, I was travelling with just one backpack. Every item I buy has to fit in that backpack. If I buy something new, it means that I have to give up something else.” This is truly a wonderful depiction of life and something for us to think about – what really matters to us and what we should or should not carry in our own ‘backpack’ in life and how to live the most meaningful life that we possibly can.

It has been a joy having Jeshua with us, and we hope you find his story as inspiring as we did. Stay tuned for a bonus part three of this interview, which we will share in the following weeks to come!

The Providend Conversation is a video series inspired by Christopher‘s article “To Live the Good Life, Make Life Decision First Before Wealth Decisions”.

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